The Red Tent movement is sweeping the world. The tipping point has come and it is time for change as the age of the Divine feminine has arrived. Women are coming together to support each other and share their love, wisdom and healing. The concept of the doula is one of a person who carries out all these roles and more.  Mothering the mother can be a demanding role and we believe our programme fully prepares you to begin your journey giving you the tools to move forward growing and learning as you walk the path.

We believe that there is a doula for everyone and that executing the right to choose by careful consideration is the start of an empowering experience. This is the same for each of the doula courses validated by Doula UK. Careful consideration needs to be made to ensure the course is a good fit for each individual.

We believe that a red tent of nurturing support is needed not only for wider groups but also directly within the doula community. Doulas work hard giving out a lot of energy in support and confidence building with the families they walk alongside. This can leave doulas feeling drained and needing replenished in all senses. Our courses and organisation will provide a platform for red tent support, our own red tent community.

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