Our Philosophy

To nurture confidence in facilitating doula support


We believe that there is a doula for everyone and that executing the right to choose by careful consideration is the start of an empowering experience. This is the same for each of the doula courses validated by Doula UK. Careful consideration needs to be made to ensure the course is a good fit for each individual.

We believe that a red tent of nurturing support is needed not only for wider groups of women but also directly within the doula community. Doulas work hard giving out a lot of energy in support and confidence building with the women they walk alongside. This can leave doulas feeling drained and needing replenished in all senses. Our courses and organisation will provide a platform for red tent support, our own red tent community.

Nicola has been a doula for over 20 years and has worked with Robin Lim and other celebrated birth workers. Hannah has an interest in unassisted childbirth after having been asked by families to support them in this journey. Hannah gave birth to her third child alone with no medical care in early 2013.  Both Hannah and Nicola are the only Doula UK facilitators who have a Dip Ed in adult education.

We aim to make a motherblessing and ritual an integral theme to our workshop blessing the women on their way from this point on. Celebrating motherhood, women and recognising the rite of passage that doulaing preparation brings to each doula. Enabling confidence in the facilitation of motherblessing and closing rituals to share with women on their motherhood journeys.

There is a huge focus on birth doulas and postnatal doulas. We believe there is a place for the antenatal doula. Who is employed on an peripatetic basis to provide support for mothers within the maternity ‘system’. This may involve partnering to consultant appointments, midwife home birth visits and much much more. This ‘service’ including debriefing past birth experiences gives a pregnant mum a wise woman to open up choice and help enable the decision making process around birth choices.

Our Aims are:


•  To develop a woman’s awareness in her own belief system.
•  To foster a supportive environment for a woman to start the journey of debriefing her own experiences.
•  To inspire confidence in the role of a Doula and Midwife and discuss boundaries.
•  To explore the nature of the relationships that play a part in a woman’s transition to motherhood.
•  To empower new doulas to set up their own business and ethically work as part of a wider network of doulas.
•  To develop an awareness of personal boundaries and base of values.

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