TCM for the Birthing Year

for the last few years red tent has been busy building an army of birthkeepers to support women and their families through the childbearing year. we believe all women have the right to have an incredible, loving, safe and healthy experience when they birth their babies. we now have a big battalion of birth, postnatal and end of life doulas in the world and a new batch of educators graduated at the end of 2019. we’ve been adding a few extra trainings to continue building on those foundations.

nicola has spent the last 30nyears studying, learning, gathering, practising, learning some more, bothering old folks on buses and in post office lines, healing the mamas, growing and foraging plant medicine, talking to trees, asking God for instinct and intuition and generally being disruptive.

lena is an empathic and compassionate yoga teacher, doula and acupuncturist. she has over a decade’s experience in treating a variety of conditions with acupuncture within clinics in edinburgh and northumberland. her experiences in the acupuncture clinic treating women during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum motivated her to become a doula and educator with the “red tent doulas”. growing up in a chinese family lena has such great lived experience of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and the birthing year.

they have been working alongside each other swapping remedies, manically creeping through the woods foraging mushrooms and herbs, healing each other and falling in love and they are so excited to bring this work to you.

join us for our new traditional TCM for the birthing year course. after completing your foundation modules online you will join us for three days contact time while we will explore and experience many traditional effective TCM healing modalities that you will be able to take out and use with the women you work with. during your course you have a short reading list and four case studies to complete while still firmly under our wing. we will provide continuing support and deeper learning.

over your time with us you will deeply enrich your role supporting mamas with wellness in their journey to becoming a mother.

so what will we do over these three days together?

  • we are going to have fun cooking traditional foods including bone broth and seaweed soup
  • making and consuming traditional drinks including herb teas
  • making and trying out traditional remedies such as ginger oil, moxa, massage and other warming and acupressure techniques.
  • taking a herb walk to be able to identify, forage and use the plants you find yourself.
  • looking at creative ways to integrate this into your practice as a birthkeeper
  • TCM diagnosis
  • prolapse healing with TCM
  • adaptogens

we welcome all women to join us in our mission especially those that have found no home before. all educational, religious, class, culture and ability backgrounds. we really do believe we can change the world one woman at a time.

we will only be scheduling one workshop in london and edinburgh this year – find dates here

£725- full price  which includes

moxa training worth £200-

herbal remedies preparation and education worth £250-

foraging session worth £100-

pdfs to share with women worth £150-

gua sha training worth £75-

acupressure training worth £100-

anatomy and physiology including TCM understanding of the body and how it works – worth £150-

basic TCM diagnosis – incl basic tongue, visual cues, behaviour and pulse worth £150

unlimited access to support and mentoring into your practice with lena and nicola who have 65 years combined experience between them worth £650-

experiential work exploring TCM techniques and practices worth £150-

materials – a journal for your notes and case studies, moxa, gua sha, metal comb, smudge sticks, pdfs, all oils, herbs and remedies, goody bags, lifetime access to all guest teacher videos of previous and current sessions of educators course and reading list worth  £450-

membership to red tent’s online private group of birthkeepers
(value £100)

free signed copy of ten oils £10-

a FREE lifetime listing on red tent’s worldwide directory upon completion
(value £750)

opportunities, discounts, gatherings and exclusives for members of the red tent
(value £450)

a printable certificate upon completion
(value £35)

an official red tent PNG + JPEG logo for your promotional materials
(value £50)

total worth £3820-

get in touch to book here