Traditional Post Partum Course

for the last few years red tent has been busy building an army of birthkeepers to support women and their families through the childbearing year. we believe all women have the right to have an incredible, loving, safe and healthy experience when they birth their babies. we now have a big battalion of birth, postnatal and end of life doulas in the world and a new batch of educators graduated at the end of 2019. 2020 saw us adding a few extra trainings to continue building on those foundations.

nicola has spent the last 30 years studying, learning, gathering, practising, learning some more, bothering old folks on buses and in post office lines, healing the mamas, growing and foraging plant medicine, talking to trees, asking God for instinct and intuition and generally being disruptive.

join us for our new traditional postpartum course. you will join us for four days contact time while we will explore and experience many traditional postpartum healing modalities. during your course you have a short reading list and four case studies to complete while still firmly under our wing.

over your time with us you will deeply enrich your role supporting mamas back to wellness in their first forty days.

so what will we do over these four days together?

  • we are going to have fun cooking traditional foods including bone broth, seaweed soup, raw chocolate, porridges, panjiri, konjee, oxtail
  • making and consuming traditional drinks including cacao, herb teas, seamoss, homemade coconut milk and almond milk,
  • making and trying out traditional remedies such as ginger oil, nettle tincture, steams and wound sprays.
  • taking a herb walk to be able to identify, forage and use the plants you find yourself.
  • looking at creative ways to decolonise the postpartum and bring back this well needed rest time
  • the physiology of the postpartum
  • abdominal massage
  • moxa
  • exploring the esoteric traditions including wrapping and closing ceremonies
  • prolapse avoidance and healing
  • adaptogens

we welcome all women to join us in our mission especially those that have found no home before. all educational, religious, class, culture and ability backgrounds. we really do believe we can change the world one woman at a time.

likely we will only be scheduling one workshop in london, edinburgh, skipton and athens find dates here

costs are £725 – (€725-) which includes

  • pdf’s for your own use and to share including recipe cards and motherwarming infographics
  • all materials some of which you will take home with you
  • your short reading list
  • mentoring throughout including going through your case studies
  • four 7 hour contact days including the learnings listed above
  • lifetime access to all our guest teacher videos including ibu robin lim, giuditta tornetta, clare loprinzi (traditional midwife), ramiro romero (indigenous traditional midwife), joy horner, maisie hill, mars lord and more
  • a herb walk
  • lifetime listing in our popular red tent directory

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