doula preparation core workshop dates – childbearing year
(please note this is the workshop date and the home study portion can begin at any time. for all other courses than york and leeds there is a wysewomen breastfeeding session on the friday DAYTIME before the red tent starts)

please note that due to the uncertainty of lockdown none of the below dates can be confirmed. you are welcome to register at any point to begin connecting and receive your home study materials. we are currently running 6 three hour sessions monthly for the birth doula course which are the equivalent of our in person workshop with the option to attend a workshop and join us when this season ends at no extra charge. two sessions a month for the educators and one for the traditional postpartum.

we will be announcing plans for getting moving with our other courses shortly too. starting with some educators course taster sessions.


please be in touch to register



york: 20th-22nd november
edinburgh:  11th-13th december
london:  18th-20th december


life of a birthkeeper advanced doula enrichment workshop dates


to be confirmed – these run as requested


breastfeeding workshops for lay supporters

note the above workshop is near skipton for leeds courses – please email sally directly to book at

details of the london and edinburgh breastfeeding workshops can be found here
NB in london and edinburgh there is always a breastfeeding workshop on the friday day of the weekend workshop (the red tent begins in the evening)


end of life doula course

end of life doula workshops


open to invitation by a community: 19th – 23rd Oct 

new zealand: 9th – 13th Nov

 new zealand: 23rd – 27th Nov

 open to invitation by a community: 9th – 13th Dec


educators course

all four weekends to be completed. we will be starting with weekend 1 when this season is good and over. in the meantime look out for some taster sessions coming up soon.

london 2020

weekend 1 24-26th april
weekend 2 12-14th june
weekend 3 16-18th oct
weekend 4 6-8th nov
edinburgh 2020
weekend 1 27-29th march
weekend 2 5-7th june
weekend 3 11-13th sept
weekend 4 20-22nd nov
intensives 2020
1-7th december – dorset – residential – at the beautiful bonhay retreat space – check it out here
please be in touch to register
traditional postpartum course
athens, greece:  10-12th April – to be rescheduled after lockdown
edinburgh: 13-15th july 
london: 19-21st october
traditional chinese medicine course
london: 29-31st may – to be rescheduled after lockdown
edinburgh: 2-4th June 
get in touch to book here