Educators Course

this course helped to expand my heart and mind in ways I hadn’t anticipated. it has made me a better teacher, doula and person.” – leila, doula trainer

red tent has been busy building an army of birthkeepers and radical educators to support women and their families through the childbearing year. we believe all families have the right to have an incredible, loving, safe and healthy experience when they birth their babies and we believe good support is key to that. good support should include a good educator. a group to explore information, feelings, choices and ritual as they transition from maiden to mother or from mother of one to many. this was the original intention of the course which has grown and named by the first london cohort as the radical educators. we’ve welcomed our first two cohorts in edinburgh and london who fell in love with each other and brought together some real kick ass education. then “this” happened – motions around and about. we’re ready now to be back in circle. come and join us. london has begun with an explosion of energy – another world changing group.

we want you to spend four long weekends learning how to deliver your own syllabus whilst learning about the complex needs of adult learners, group dynamics, women’s lives, ritual, support and love. we have designed this course to be affordable and thorough. see what’s in store below.

we welcome all to join us in our mission especially those that have found no home before. all educational, religious, class, culture and ability backgrounds. we really do believe we can change the world one woman at a time.

we will begin with weekend 1 for london in august and ireland at the beginning of 2023. in the meantime stay posted for our taster sessions every other month online now.

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4x 3-day contact weekends together or 1 full week:

+ guest teachers sessions covering marketing, exploring men and birth, indigenous knowledge, midwifery expertise around breech and other variations of normal, our hormonal cycles and how to harness them, activism, hypnosis and so much more. joining us from outside the birth world? we will make a tailor made situation for you

+ teaching practice and evaluation

+ anatomy and physiology lessons

+ adult education lessons such as group dynamics and learning and teaching styles

+ opportunity to be inspired by your fellow students workshopping ideas and feedback

+ experiential work around women’s health

+ exploring and taking part in ritual

+ lots of time falling in love with your sisters

+ support and mentoring throughout your time with us

(value £2000)



+ journal

+ hypnosis scripts including mp3’s

+ pdf’s to use with parents

+ lifetime access to all guest teacher videos of previous and current sessions

(value £450)


1 text, woman led home study guide 

(value £85)


final mentoring session to overhaul and finesse your education programme 

(value £150-)


downloadable recordings

(value £750)


lifetime membership to red tent’s online private group of birthkeepers and resources 

(value £1000)


a FREE lifetime listing on red tent’s worldwide directory upon completion 

(value £750)


sample contracts, client handouts, red tent logo, recipes, and PDFs 

(value £200)


one-on-one support with coursework, planning, and completion

(value £350)


opportunities, discounts, gatherings and exclusives for members of the red tent 

(value £450)


a printable certificate upon completion

(value £35)


an official red tent PNG + JPEG logo for your promotional materials

(value £50) 





£1800 investment


12 monthly instalments of £150


registration closes when at capacity

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video testimonials

course format

we will meet for four long weekends to inspire each other in circle. each session will include teaching practice, business skills, anatomy and physiology, ritual, adult learning theory, activism and physical skills including rebozo to share in groups. there is preparation for our time together and reading for home study.

on completion you facilitate and evaluate your first group feeding back and being supported. during this one to one feedback session you have an opportunity to spend time with your facilitator who is an experienced qualified adult/birth educator.

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your facilitator

nicola mahdiyyah goodall has been running womens circles for 30 years beginning in her local muslim community in south london. she completed a dip ed in adult education with the nct over ten years ago alongside the scottish birth teachers association qualification taken over two years exploring the less conventional side of birth education such as yoga, birth art and activism. she has been running groups ever since forming the red tent doulas alongside hannah winbolt-lewis some years ago. she is completely dedicated to promoting self-care and womens wellness in all its forms.

who should take this course?

this course is suitable for any adult woman learner who would like to prepare to be an independent educator in her local community. there are no educational requirements. we have many women taking the course who are already educators hoping to supplement or move on from their current organisations.

guest teachers

each weekend last time saw us welcome one or two guest teachers joining us either in person or via the internet. we had mark harris joining us to share his work around understanding and preparing partners for birth. joy horner (independent midwife) took us through variations of normal in midwifery focusing on breech. Ibu robin lim (midwife) will joined us via Skype to infuse us with the love of an experienced authentic birthkeeper. mars lord (doula) taught us cultural competency and inform us about reproductive justice. ramiro romero (traditional midwife) from the muisca peoples of colombia shared his peoples traditions which will blow your mind. renee mcbride (doula and hypnotherapist) took us through the principals of hypnobirthing and sharing a few skills. giuditta tornetta (doula) is gave us a session around marketing. clarebeth loprinzi (traditional midwife and activist) will be setting fire to your pants with her energy about activism. mark harris supporting you to work alongside male partners. we will also have other special guest teachers who will join us when they are in town or online.



we will have a london group and an edinburgh group each calendar year.  if you are interested in hosting this please be in touch. find dates here.


red tent

to truly work safely and healthily with women you need your red tent. somewhere to share and be supported, nourished and loved. time is incorporated over the weekend to spend time growing the group. you form a smaller support circle for each other within the bigger circle of our always growing international red tent network. on registration you will be added to our closed facebook group with women from all over the world in all different disciplines of womens wellness so you can connect further out. we meet together every so often for a free or low cost gathering to nurture your soul. on completion you will be added to our red tent directory as one of our educators for no charge.



the certification investment is £1800 – which is available on a 12 monthly payment plan of £150- a month if necessary.


Rifat Nafisa Peggie Brown scholarship

my greatest teacher and my midwife mama Rifat passed away a while ago. I wanted to honour her in every way I can find and when I was writing this course I knew this would be the way. Rifat was committed to loving each family she supported with due care and diligence and learned much from the grand midwives of the Americas. she was a birthkeeper of the original kind supporting many women to have the gentle births they wanted. she was a champion of giving ALL women the love and care they deserve.

each group has one scholarship place for a woman of colour in her honour. we must all stand shoulder to shoulder to lift each other up.get in touch to apply here.