Resilient Men’s Support Group

a space for brotherhood

join us on friday evenings 7-9 pm in the UK and Sunday mornings 9-11 am PST in the USA with adisa banjoko online.

this is a space for support for teenage boys to elders

red tent doulas has focused on the health of women for so long. mother moon needs father son to shine. this space has been created to centre men. what they travel through. how they express and explore and heal.

read more about our incredible facilitator adisa here  – so many accolades hip hop, author, journalist, chess, wu tang clan, work in san quentin jail, meditation, stoicism, journalling, connection, jujitsu and the cultivation of peace.

read his articles on, listen to his podcast on Apple podcasts or Spotify, watch his interview with RZA from the wu-tang clan on his youtube channel, and follow him on instagram here 

to sign up for the monthly subscription, giving you access to the online zoom sessions, use the paypal button below, and for anything else get in touch at