The Red Tent movement is sweeping the world. The tipping point has come and it is time for change as the age of the Divine feminine has arrived. Women are coming together to support each other and share their love, wisdom and healing. The concept of the doula is one of a woman who…


Nicola has been a doula for over 20 years working with Robin Lim and other celebrated birth workers. Nicola is the only Doula UK facilitators who has a Dip Ed in adult education.
Sally’s Doula journey began after the birth of her first child in 2009. Based near Skipton she covers Bradford/Skipton/ Leeds and surrounding areas. She offers antenatal education, birth debrief, birth support and post natal support. 


To nurture confidence in facilitating doula support. At Red Tent doulas, we believe there is a doula for everyone. We believe one of the most important aspects in doulaing is to create a community of support around each doula. This will nourish her drive to walk alongside others, giving her confidence and strength from a wealth of wisdom.


After deciding that the Red Tent preparation programme is for you, you will receive your woman-led self-study guide.  This is the beginning of your journey. In your home study you will be reading, watching documentaries, completing useful tasks such as meeting local midwives and doulas…


Once all the home study elements and workshop requirements are complete, the women who take part submit a final project before a one to one session with their facilitator. Here are some examples of the final pieces of work produced and feedback on the journey. We hope you enjoy them, they are quite incredible.


Doula Preparation Core Workshop Dates Childbearing Year

London: 6-8th April
Edinburgh: 15-17th June
London: 22-24th June
Leeds: 22-24th June
London: 21-23rd September
Edinburgh: 5-7th October
Leeds: 14-16th November
Edinburgh:  7-9th December
London:  14-16th December  
York: 21st-23rd September

Life of a Birthkeeper Advanced Doula Enrichment Workshop Dates

London: 9th April 2018
Edinburgh: 10th December 2018
London: 17th December 2018

End of Life Doula Course

20-21-22 April 2018 – Edinburgh
18-19-20 May 2018 – London
22-23-24 June 2018 – Dublin
20-21-22 July 2018 – North Wales
7-8-9 Sept 2018 – Athens, Greece


“I feel incredibly lucky to have had Hannah as the facilitator for my doula course. warm, friendly and down-to-earth person”

“had a great time, very relaxed, open and honest. created good vibe for mutual learning”

“nicola was very informative and knowledgeable”

“honest, enthusiastic, supportive, positive! absolute wealth of knowledge which was naturally shared”

“very welcoming, honest”

“fantastic manner and delivery, warm, funny, knowledgeable and experienced”

“nice and relaxed…very helpful”

“felt really at home with her and within the subject”

“very relaxed method of learning….nicola was very confident and relaxed…homely”

“lovely…down to earth…thanks”

“wonderful atmosphere, felt very relaxed and comfortable. clear information and happy to answer any questions”

“relaxed and fun”

“really friendly – gave people lots of time/opportunity to ask questions”

“always enjoy working with nicola”

“i really liked the friendly manner, answered all my questions”


“The Red Tent Doula course with Hannah was invaluable as a means of beginning my doula journey, both professionally and personally. It was encouraging, empowering and enlightening!”


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